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About the program

How to become an affiliate?

If you wish to become an affiliate of NOOTRO, all you need to do to apply is just click the button "Apply". After you have submitted your application, one of our team members will contact you for further information or simply activate your account.

What are the benefits?

In the world of affiliate marketing two key aspects are perhaps the most important to an affiliate - referral rate and cookie duration. We offer a flat rate of 10% to any new affiliate that joins our program. Also, our cookies last 90 days, meaning that after you lead visitors to our site, you will receive a commission from any of their orders.

How does it work?

The system is simple. You apply to become an affiliate. Share your custom link with your readers, fans or friends. And when they make an order on our store, you will automatically receive a commission. It is a fast and simple way to earn some additional income, you don`t need any investment and it doesn`t consume a lot of time.

What else should I know?

There is a minimum payout of 50 euros, meaning that you have to have at least 50 euros in commissions in order to request a transfer.

If you think you can bring even more to the table, please contact us for a custom commission rate and other incentives.

If you want to get the full picture of the program and read all the boring legal stuff, you can read our Terms & Conditions here.

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